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Whether it’san office, school, or any laboratory, A Plus Commercial Movers Chicago, IL, would help you in the best possible way. No one wants to get their business interrupted for a longer duration of time, even if it’s due to moving process. Whenever you need to move to a better place, for the betterment of your company, we will be there for you. We would make sure that no extra time would be wasted in moving your company and belongings, as we know the importance of your business.

Local businesses or larger international corporate houses, we are all set to serve our clients and needy companies. Timely service with no disruption in your workflow is what we guarantee. We would let the process of moving be in your control. We will make sure that the moving task continues as per your wish. We believe in executing the plan that you’ve got, for moving your company.

Which Commercial Clients have We Served

  • Clerk of the circuit court of Chicago
  • Chicago housing authority
  • Chicago board of education
  • Chicago board of election commission (Storage & transportation of 3300 voting machines)
  • Rehabilitation- Institute of Chicago
  • Center for research library
  • Mile square Health Center
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Navy
  • Michael Reese Hospital
  • Daniel Hale Williams Health Center

Call us (773) 221-8151 to get a free estimation if you are planning to move your office. We are happy to serve you.

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